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We offer one of the highest ROI's amongst all legitimate cloud mining services

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Our mining facilities

Currently we operate from a single data centre in Finland with plans to open a second one in the end of 2016.

Our Bitcoin mining operation may not be the largest, however it is safe to say that we are at the top whenever it comes to profitability. Relentlessly working on highest possible returns from each kWh ensures our survival whenever the mining environment becomes harsh for less advanced miners.

Our mining hardware is partially in-house developed. At the moment, over 750 THS can be deployed and sold instantly. With enough demand, this number can be promply increased.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud mining?

In simple words, mining is providing Bitcoin network with computing power for which miners receive new Bitcoins. The more computing power (hashrate) you provide, the more bitcoins you can mine.

Nowadays the technology has advanced so far that you cannot use your own PC for mining anymore. It requires purchasing advanced equipment which creates an array of challenges and issues, namely noise, space, logistics and attention. These challenges make mining profitable enough mostly only for dedicated mining operations. This is where services like ours come in handy - we take care of all the technical aspects. All you need to do provide us with capital by purchasing hashrate.

Why choose cloud mining?

Cloud mining is much more exciting and simple way of becoming a part of Bitcoin network and earning money for people who are not interested in spending most of their time dealing with various issues and challenges that regular mining presents. You don't need to worry about your old hardware becoming obsolete, pre-ordering new hardware, software and hardware issues, space, noise and more.

If you are into business of making money and believe in Bitcoin ecosystem, cloud mining is a perfect choice of investment for you.

How much will I earn?

Genereally speaking, cloud mining returns 5-8% per week with slight decreases of profit every 2 weeks caused by increasing mining difficulty. Depending on the difficulty, a 100% ROI can be seen within 3 - 5 months. The rest is profit.

When you log in, you can see a mining calculator. Enter your values and see it for yourself. Our mining calculator takes into account increasing mining difficulty for more realistic returns.

Please note that the real life mining difficulty may change differently. The estimated weekly earnings may have a 10% margin due to variance.

How to start mining?

Register and buy any amount of hashrate. You will receive Bitcoins to your account balance in real-time. You can withdraw your account balance at any time. The minimum order is 200 GHS which costs 0.036 BTC at current prices (the calculations in FAQ may not be up to date, please verify it for yourself).

1 THS = 1000 GHS. 0.17 BTC/THS = 0.00017 BTC/GHS.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a 100% free guaranteed refund to your payout address within 3 days since your order was placed.

Can I withdraw free trial earnings?

Free trial earnings can be withdrawn by anyone who continues to use our services after the free trial period, e.g. places an order of any size or claims referral commissions.

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